Quiz Bowl

2021 SAEA Academic Quiz Bowl

We will be holding the 2021 Quiz Bowl as a virtual event through Zoom. Teams will be randomly assigned as in the past. There will be a central Zoom game room which will have a moderator to send teams to breakout rooms for their competitions, update the bracket, and answer questions.

Game Procedures

Each game will be run by one moderator and have both teams in one Zoom breakout room. The board will be viewable on the shared screen of the moderator to all participants. We are limited by the software to eight categories and five questions per category, which is a normal board, so we will keep that in place. We will have a coin toss for first choice. The team that wins the toss will get to pick a category/question. The other team should mute their platform. The moderator asks the question and only that team will be able to respond initially. They will have 20 seconds to discuss amongst themselves and can choose to answer or not to answer. Like a normal quiz, correct answers are rewarded with points, not attempting does not penalize, and incorrect answers will result in deductions. We have upped the time from 10 to 20 seconds due to the format. After that question, the other team picks a category/question and the process repeats. The rounds will be untimed and we will go until all questions are asked.

Two additions are being discussed. One would allow the opposing team to answer (steal) a question that is passed or missed. The second is for the moderator to end the game when the winning team cannot lose the game. The first addition would simply make it a normal game, but may add too much time to the match. The second requires the moderator to pay attention to the board. This format combines an element of strategy, picking categories your team is good at or picking all easier questions, with the ability for the teams to communicate as they will be in different locations.

We expect each round to take about 30-40 minutes instead of the 15-20 it normally does. We do not know how many teams we will have, but we will be asking for a large number of moderators to help with the first couple of rounds. Even though individual games will take longer to run, with more moderators we can actually finish the event faster than normal.

Moderators will need two computers or screens and will function as computer operator, moderator, and judges. It is possible, especially for later rounds, that we can add a second moderator to each game strictly as a judge.
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